Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The wife is watching, sooooo

I met my wife through my sister, who it turns out is even crazier than my wife. I will from time-to-time post here on her.

The first - When she was 16, she got her first (used) car. It was a 66 malibu. My step-father (and maybe my dad, I can not remember now) did a lot of work on it for her. It was a beautiful car. One day she decided to wash it, inside and out. She got most of the inside clean, except for some dust up under the radio knobs. She tried to get it with a tooth brush but still couldn't. So, she rolled up all her windows except for a 1" crack in one, stuck a garden hose inside, and you guessed it, turned on the hose and proceeded to fill her entire car up with water. I think she got the dust out, but in the process DESTROYED most of the other parts of her car. My step-father could not believe it. He was able to open the car doors and drain most of the water, but my older brother had to punch some holes in the floorboard to get the rest to drain out. Most of the damage was to the electrical system. After some expense and hard work, he did get it to running again.

The second that comes to mind - When she was in high school, she took some kind of acting/speech class where she needed to film a play she made up. She decided to be Julius Ceasar, giving some kind of speech that the people did not like, so they threw stuff at him to show their displeasure. My sister waited until my parents left for the weekend, then had the neighborhood boys take out ALL of the living room furniture and put it out on the front lawn. She then put up a white sheet on the living room wall, got dressed in her Roman ruler's outfit, started her speech, and had the neighborhood boys all throw rotten tomatoes at her (while filming). My twin brother was home at the time and encouraged the boys to throw as hard as they could. Well, you guesssed it, my parents came home and as they drove up saw all their nice furniture out in the yard. When they walked in, they could not believe what they saw - tomatoes all over the place and some dents in the walls. After the cleanup, we continued to find tomatoe seeds in the living room for another month or so. All this is what has been told to me (I was off at college at the time), but I would have given anything to be there "egging" those boys on to throw even harder.

Third - mas manana (more tomorrow).

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tough times at our house but the goldfish is living like a king

Things are a little tough at our house with the high gas prices, high heating bills, etc, etc. The fact is that I eat tuna fish sandwiches most every night. We used to be able to afford an onion to slice into the tuna, until we got a betta (goldfish). Now the wife has gone crazy. First, she bought him 2 extra bowls, next a "heater" to stick in his bowl (never mind that our thermostat is set on 62 degrees and I am freezing most of the time). Next, she bought him 4 plants to stick in his bowl, a sunken boat, a christmas tree with lights and a stocking for christmas, extra food (worms) and snacks (little crabs). She has bought him special salt to add to his water, a water acid tester, etc, etc. I think you get the picture.

In the evening (about 7:30) after a hard day at work, I have to turn off the kitchen lights (where his bowl is) and walk around quietly in the dark so he can "sleep". This fish (and my wife) are killing me.